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Multimedia Installation, 2016.

Jerwood Encounters: Common Property


Commissioned by Jerwood Visual Arts, London

Common Property, Group Exhibition

15 January - 25 February 2016.


A fictional monument to the Larry Stylinson fandom.


1. Larry Shipping Ritual, 2015. Digital video 7.00

2. Larry!Hieroglyfics, 2016. Etching on perspex 201 x 39cm

3. Larry!Domestic, 2016. Mixed media, dimensions variable

4. Larry Underwater Kiss, 2016. Digital print on silk 120 x 152cm



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Vice, One Direction fanfiction takes the artworld by storm, 2016.



Owen G. Parry, "Shipping" Fandom and Art Practice, Fandom as Methodology, Goldsmiths Press: MIT Press, 2019.



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