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Boopa / Chelsea 📠 

Pushkin House, London
3 February 2022

A Continuous or Analog manner:

A two-artist performance without a plot by R. Justin Hunt (198cm) and Owen G. Parry (183cm) exploring forms of queer intelligence (QUI), extra-terrestrial in-visibility, and that humming sound.

QUI is often hidden in plain sight. Partly because in order to survive it has had to shape itself within oppressive structures, inventing itself through scrambling, repurposing and smuggling its knowledge in numerous insidious ways. It’s Genet’s prison lovers in Un Chant d’amour sharing cigarette smoke through a tiny little hole in a wall; Or activist and whistleblower Chelsea Manning trafficking information on the Iraq war via a CD labelled “Lady Gaga”. But it’s also communicated via unordinary gestures, telepathic glances, limp wrist sports, and theatrical tics.

The event is part of the exhibition Desire International public programme (until 26th of February).

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