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Fan Club #5
Backmask Fanbot Devilworship Partycode

Buzzcut Double Thrills 
Centre for Contemporary Arts in Glasgow
Wednesday 24 April 2019.

Backmasking is a recording technique in which a sound or message is recorded backward onto a track. Fans have also re-winded music to seek out secret meanings (often conspiratorial, satanic or otherwise) in recorded songs. But what happens if we re-wind and listen to art and performance to uncover their hidden possible readings and meanings? What new ridiculous, imaginative and dangerous visions and insights might it offer?

Participants in Fan Club 5 will be invited to hit re-wind and delve deeper into the performances on offer at Double Thrills at Glasgow's CCA to explore their latent hidden meanings.


Fan Club 5 is part of a series of Fan Clubs created by Owen G. Parry as part of his ongoing Fan Riot project exploring the figure of the fan as an unassuming model for invention, mobilization and revolt.


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