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Dali's Paranoiac Critical Pizza

Commissioned by Queer Extensions
12-13 March 2021

Dali’s Paranoiac Critical Pizza is an international business meeting for a cabal of antifascist art witches, queer automationists, eco-conspirators and you! Let’s conspire to “breath together” for the first time at a secret and highly convenient utopia [on zoom]. 

The plot for this meeting is that there is no plot, except the plot to plot against all plots; To explore the latent potential of conspiracy theory as an engine for the construction of counter myths and narratives. 

Rabbit hole

If in the “post-truth era” the truth teller has refashioned herself as the conspiracy theorist, then what happens if we take conspiracy theory from the hands of the perpetrator/victim and repurpose it as an antifascist methodology? Or, what if we conspire against conspiracy itself? What new critical-aesthetic practices might such an endeavour unravel?

















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