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I am Not and Never have I Ever Been.

OffPrint, Tate Modern, 17-19 May 2024

Design Elements Lukas Novotny


On the week of the UK release of Sebastián Silva’s gay comedy thriller Rotting in the Sun (2023) I received several messages from friends urging me to watch the film. This publication forms out of a series of coincidences that kept leading me to my alleged doppelgänger. A movie review that never quite gets to the movie. Auto-theory but really just a self-insert fanfiction. As we turn ourselves into virtual brands, watch as deep fakes proliferate and whole nations flip from democracy to something far more sinister, it asks how do we negotiate the demands to be seen with the shady doublings that persist in this surreal moment in history?

Created on the occasion of OffPrint London 2024, presented along with publications by students and colleagues on MA Fine Art at Central Saint Martins, UAL.

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Print on paper. Unlimited, 300 x 100 mm.
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