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Performance, 2017.

Fierce Festival (2017) and Steakhouse Live (2016)

A 4-hour 'performance  hangout' entwining music, dance, role-play and sculpture. Performed and created with dance troop Medeber Teatro.


This is a time of conjuring. The title is an imperative—a kind of Fluxus instruction for the computer age. When salvaged JPEGs of cutesy cats and fascist memes become monuments of digital democracy, fiction offers an alternative: a possible future glimpsed in the erotic tension between work and play, the utopic but always unobtainable sky and ourselves. So “hang out” for as long as you want or just open a separate tab while you get on with other business.


Live stream here

Publication @ The New Inquiry


12 Oct 2017 Firece Festival, Birmingham

14 October 2016, Steakhouse Live, London

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