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The performance hangout is a hybrid social and theatrical concept combining pop music, dance, sculpture and “hanging out” across different 'live' media including streaming online, whatsapp and in IRL.


It’s the absolute non-event for the attention economy of surveillance theatres, ‘click bait’ users and precariat ‘scrollers’; where focus lies on the spectacles of internet communities, open-source productions, synchronised swimming, and what boybands get up to offstage, in your dreams.


Drawing on combined methods of “live fictioning”, altered duration, non-accumulative choreography and “being together”, the performance hangout imagines an alternate space-time– a future imaginary set against a culture of high performance anxiety, corporate engagement imperatives and the global rise in populism tt asks: what kind of art and life might be imagined beyond such agendas? (What would this look like? What would this entail?): without losing the fantasy of unity and erotics, or the communal luxury of time beyond work and leisure.


Concept and direction: Owen G. Parry

Guest contributors:


Julia Bardsley (Lecturer in Performance, Queen Mary, University of London)


Glyn Davies (Chancellor’s Fellow and Reader, School of Design, University of Edinburgh)


Eirini Kartsaki (Lecturer in Theatre & Performance, East 15, University of Essex)


Katie Hawthorn (Music Journalist and PhD Candidate in English, University of Edinburgh)


Ben Fletcher-Watson, (IASH, University of Edinburgh)


Guy Stevenson (Postdoctoral fellow at IASH, University of Edinburgh)


Image 1 Owen G parry
Image 2 Owen G Parry

A Performance Hangout (off offline)

IASH and Edinburgh College of Art

Supported by Susan Manning workshop fund

24 June 2019

Livestream part 1


Livestream part 2


Blog, 'Sloth Not Growth', Institute of Advanced Study in the Humanities, Edinburgh, 2019.


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