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Salome baby! (Dance of the Infinite Veil)

Performance and audio work, 2014.

Wellcome Collection, Insitutute of Sexology

Commission by Cruising for Art 



Salome baby! is an audio and cos-play performance in which participants are cruised and invited to wear an "infinite veil" . The veil carries an audio playlist with documentary and gamelike instructions for nosing out potential moments of contact between participants, artworks and strangers in the gallery.


Part response to Oscar Wilde's masterpiece Salome (1891) which many claim denotes the origins of Western strip tease (featured in The Institute of Sexology alongside illustrations by Aubrey Beardsley), part revival of Parry's previous participatory performance Touching Feeling  (2011), Salome baby! opens new perspectives to both these works, whilst also seeking/mourning opportunities for contact as opposed to networking within the exhibition space.Double click to insert body text here ...



Owen G. Parry 'Sex, Work, and Negative Affects in Participatory Performance' in Contemporary theatre Review, 2016.



Infinite Veil designed and created by Mario Patsalides.

Salome Voiceover by Eirini Kartsaki

Music Samples by FKA Twiggs.

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