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Performance 2011-13

Akt-schön! explores the curious and unlikely links between two disparate cultural movements of 20th century: Viennese Actionism and Disco.


The O Show, Psi Utrecht, The Netherlands

May 2011

]Performance Space[, London

Jun 2011

EYHO, Egg, London

Aug 2011

VILLA 1, George & Dragon, London

Feb 2012



Metal, Chalkwell Hall, Southend on Sea

Oct 2011

Taking Alicia Bridges' 70s Disco classic 'I love the Nightlife' as a jumping off point, this evolving project asks whether these disperate movements have more in common than what first meets the eye: one emerging as a violent, masculine and very heterosexual reaction to the comodification of art and the move towards a totalising art practice that breaks traditions of painting and sculpture, the other emerging as a reaction to the domination of rock music and the stigmatisation of dance music by counterculture with its roots in African-American, gay and psychedelic communities of that period. Drawing on the postures of these movements, the performance calls forth a new movement – Akt-schön! – through perverse and promiscuous couplings.


All work Owen G Parry © 2011

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