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How to .faint (Fan Riot mashup)

Digital Video 6.30

Supported by Arts Council England, 2015


Tips by fans on how to faint at a concert in hope of getting carried over the barrier and onto the stage to meet their idols were extracted from Internet forums, and re-worked into a musical score, video, live performance and instruction manual.


This moving image mashup looks at how fainting becomes a tactic for crossing thresholds between audience and performer, conscious and unconscious within the highly regulated space of the concert arena, as well as an imaginary choreography practiced by a bored youth subculture.


A Fan Riot production

ft. Miles Coote, Nick Llewellyn and Owen G. Parry



Fan Riot mashup ft. Saint Pepsi (Mr. Wonderful) and Tyler the Creator (Odd Toddlers)


Video editing

Tom Levinge


Copyright © 2015 Fan Riot, All rights reserved.

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