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Commissioned by Cruising for Art


Psi Utrecht, The Netherlands

May 2011

Cruising for Art, Vogue Fabrics, London

9 Dec 2011

Cruising for Art, Basement, Brighton

10 Dec 2011

Live Art Dogging, Reactor Halls, Nottingham

Jan 2013

In Between Time, Cruising for Art, Bristol

Feb 2013

ANTI Festival, Kuopio, Finland,

Sept 2013

Nuit Blanche, Brussels, Belgium

Oct 2013

In her last book before she died Eve Kosofsky Sedgwick made a case for Touching Feeling... this performance is another one.


Motivated by tasteless vulgarity - a cheap thrill even, this performance dares to give up on any valuable attempt at creating a meaningful experience, and in doing so may even risks giving up on performance itself.


Touching Feeling is an adapted version of an earlier piece  'Performance for a Stranger' developed in 2005





All work Owen G Parry © 2011

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