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Concept and Direction:

Owen G. Parry February 2021



This is Not a Game is a live stream multi-tab performance exploring the creation of fictional personas, virtual communities, and impossible myths.


6 remote performers explore what happens when performance art meets reality television, when Alternate Reality Games (ARG) meet conspiracy theories, and when role play and improvisation meet with dis-connection, impossibility, and automated performance online.


Instead of squeezing theatre into the confines of the internet, this performance looks to instances where theatre is already ‘at play’ in the dark forest of the web… we invite you to re-adjust, let go of old habits of spectatorship, to hangout, become voyeurs, follow trails, get lost, miss bits, and participate at your leisure.


We host an “Afterparty” for anyone who wants to hangout and play after the performance. (link drop during the show)


For optimal viewing watch on a laptop or tablet and have a smartphone handy

YouTube livestream:

This is not a Game-02
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