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There's someone behind the camera, there's someone behind the camera nosing around, obsessing and zooming.


The video begins at a travellers site under the motorway flyover in Hackney, East London on the day of their eviction by the city council in April 2009. The camera follows a boy with a hoodie and curly hair from the eviction site to somewhere else, a new home perhaps.


is it the boy from the funfair he talks about in the performance? And that trophy or emblem - what's that about? And what's this even got to do with football? The curly haired boy in the video can't seem to keep his feet on the ground either.


The video GRIP HOLD is included in the performance GRIP HOLD created by Owen Parry in May 2009



Video by Owen Parry, 2009 (3 mins)

Grip Hold is a performance for the camera

Shot on Sony handycam

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